Telescopic Golf Clubs
All in One Golf Club 34 Golf Clubs in 1 Telescopic Shaft
As Seen On TV (The Golf Channel, FOX and Headline Sports ...)
Trade Shows, Airports, Merchandise Shows, Golf Courses ... all around the world!
•  US$ 299.95 + Shipping
•  The club collapses to 17"
•  34 different adjustable lofts
•  Play the whole game with one club
•  It's a putter, driver, a full set of irons, and 8 wedges
•  You can even lock it on HALF LOFTS!
•  Simple, durable, solid
•   To adjust loft, turn the lever 1 turn, shift to desired loft, tighten;
•  No heavy, clumsy heads to exchange
•  Rock-solid telescopic 3-piece shaft
•  Opens to 38 inches
•  Closes to only 17 inches
Extends to 37" and Collapses to 17"
•  Fits in a small brief case
•  Quick-lock unbreakable adjustment lever
•  Automatic progressive shaft offset
•  Perimeter weighting

To note, due to popular demand by our customers, we additionally custom build telescopic wedges, irons, putters, woods and drivers to complement the All In One Golf Club or in addition to it. Prices vary from $295.00 - $650.00 dependent upon the club head requested, model and brand. Inquire by reaching our customer support via email to
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